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Post by prckov Sun 5 Jun - 11:45

[size=46]'Tamagotchi children' who don’t exist could 'solve population problem'[/size]

Virtual offspring could become fully accepted in society, would be cheap to raise and don't even have to grow up
A 'virtual' child would be more environmentally friendly, says author Catriona Campbell
They will cuddle you, play with you and, of course, resemble you. They will require minimal resources and will cost next to nothing to bring up

'Tamagotchi children' who don’t exist could 'solve population problem' (telegraph.co.uk)

You have wealthy elites sitting in some of the most powerful institutions, at taxpayer expense, push a hyper-paranoid form of intellectual sadism. They openly explain that the goal is to start with predetermined conclusions to produce “destabilizing” lies that cause damage. This isn’t scholarship. It’s psychopathic sadism being pushed at taxpayer expense by conspiracy theorists.

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