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Post by ryanharris on 17/11/2017, 12:55

Simple 1-2-3 steps in this Photo Recovery Tool software lets you get about 20% extra from recovery. Simply choose your desired device or drive for recovery of pictures, click on “Photo Recovery” button and see the recovery process and “Save” all recovered photos when done. It performs 3 straightforward and simple steps for recovery – Choose your drive, Start Recovery and Save your desired file. It recovers images from SD cards, memory stick, USB drives, CF cards, xD cards, and external and internal hard drives.

This way Photo Recovery Tool is capable to restore pictures from NTFS, FAT 16/32, HFS and HFS+, formatted and corrupt file systems. Even when a file system is formatted mistakenly or corrupted fully, it can identify such problems and recover files from it.

This software uses forensic technology in order to meet this unique objective which cannot be done by most expensive data recovery tools.

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Post by drGspot on 18/11/2017, 10:00

... i have very positive experience with winBlou$ getDataBack & GNU/Linux photorec forensic recovery tool... \o/ :) <(")

...some 7-8 hours of bottomUp sector/block upWards analysing &  recovery, for 4o GB hardDisk... :)

... cant really remeber whether diskSalv saved me something @ classicAmiga 12oo PowerPC was in the 9o -ties :)

... i think that the author of DiskSalv tool once requested help from Amiga Community, in search for older Source C0de, coz he lost it on some old hard drives, & couldn"t getItBack :-D

in last 2o of maybe 3o years , amiga EcoSystem functioned a lot on Shared Source & even Open & FreeOfPatents development model...
... so many proprietary sw, give their SourceC0de included in the box, to to attract developers, improve & modify, but not always Share to the Community, as GNULinux/GPL, bsd unix & Crative Commons licence allow... :)

...thats how classicAmiga then & now upTo quadC0re AmigaOne Power6/7/& now 8 got a lot & near to all the relevant unix, gnu, & Linux stuff crossPorted to m68k & PowerPC architecture... :)


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Photo Recovery Tool  Empty Re: Photo Recovery Tool

Post by Guest on 26/12/2017, 12:41

Refer this answer:
and get the perfect way to recover your deleted photos

Best Regards.

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Post by Legendovich on 1/1/2018, 20:52

Ovdje na forumu su ugl. tutleci,ignoranti,.ljenivci,menthalno osakaćeni i ini...

Ovo je bacanje biserja cvinjama...
enivej thx na trudu.. :cleanteeth

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